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Ringer LE Duty Plus

Ringer LE Duty Plus
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Aersol Chemical Agent Case (Basketweave only) 74775DC
Aersol Chemical Agent Case (Basketweave only) Clearance - ***Special om Basketweave while supplies last)
Fits belt loops 2 1/4" Medium 1 1/2" X 4 1/2" with protective insert
$23.95 $11.98  

Duty Belt Keepers (Basketweave) DSDCBL
Duty Belt Keepers (Basketweave) Clearance
8" Double Snaps (silver)
Starting from $3.50  

Duty Cuff Case (Basketweave) 74572DC
Duty Cuff Case (Basketweave) Clearance - ***Special on Basketweave*** While Supplies Last
Case has front and rear pockets with snap & velcro.
$30.95 $15.95  

Flashlight Holder D-Cell (Basketweave) 36D2DC
Flashlight Holder D-Cell (Basketweave) Clearance - **Basketweave only**
Tradtional Holder
$9.50 $6.95  

Galco Miami Classic Holster MC205
Galco Miami Classic Holster Clearance - ***Leftover model discount for LH Hand Only****
Our Miami Classic™ is quite possibly the most imitated shoulder holster system in the world. A direct descendant of the original shoulder system first introduced by Galco in 1970 (then the Famous Jack...
$172.95 $134.95  

Handcuff Pouch Open Top (Basketweave) 090H18DC
Handcuff Pouch Open Top (Basketweave) Clearance - **Basketweave only** Leather shown in picture
Standard size hinged handcuffs for Smith & Wesson m-300
$30.00 $15.00  

Inside Pants Holster 810G17DC
Inside Pants Holster Clearance - LEFT HAND ONLY!!!
Inside Pants Holster Fits Glock 17, 22, 31
$49.95 $35.95  

Large Frame Glock Magazine Holder Basketweave 74262DC
Large Frame Glock Magazine Holder Basketweave Clearance - ****Basketweave only****
10MM & Glock .45 Basketweave only.
$37.95 $18.98  

Mag & Light Pouch SF6900DC
Mag & Light Pouch Clearance
Paddle Style Glock 9/40 or H&K 9/40 Surefire Light 3P/6P/9P or 1" Diameter
$24.95 $19.95  

Magazine Case Basketweave 74377DC
Magazine Case Basketweave Clearance
Divided Style Single Row with internal tensioning.Fits most magazines EXCEPT Glock 10MM & .45, HK.45
$37.95 $18.98  

Mini-Lite Case 74672DC
Mini-Lite Case Clearance - ***Basketweave Only****
Holds Mini-Mag or other small flashlight snugly.
$14.95 $7.95  

Rocky Fort Hood 2049
Rocky Fort Hood Clearance
Guaranteed ROCKY® waterproof construction Waterproof black full-grain leather and lightweight black 1200 denier nylon Non-insulated ****NON-RETURNABLE**** ****IN STOCK SIZES ONLY****
$69.95 $55.00  

Stinger HP LIght Holder (Basketweave) 74152DC
Stinger HP LIght Holder (Basketweave) Fits Stinger HP $13.95  

Stinger Light Case (Basketweave) 74187DCC
Stinger Light Case (Basketweave) Clearance - **Basketweave only**
Fits 7" Stinger Light
$20.95 $10.95  

Stinger XT Light Case (Basketweave) 74187DC
Stinger XT Light Case (Basketweave) Clearance - **Basketweave only**
Fits Stinger XT
$20.95 $12.95  

Sure Fire 6P & Scorpion Light Case (Basketweave) 74185DC
Sure Fire 6P & Scorpion Light Case (Basketweave) Clearance - Basketweave only
Fits Scorpion & Surefire 6P
$20.95 $12.95  

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